We employ a flexible billing model that is responsive to the needs of our clients. Usually, we operate under a flat-fee model, providing quotes for projects before we start them.

Sometimes, we serve as general counsel for clients under a flexible monthly service agreement. 

As part of the general counsel model, Smolinski Rosario handles the following responsibilities:

  • All general counseling tasks including correspondence and legal counseling, including: emails, phone calls, and meetings
  • General agreement review and editing, including incoming licensing agreements and NDAs
  • Meetings involving third-party participants, including existing and future client partners
  • Basic patent searching and commentary on competitive IP positions
  • The development and implementation of an overall legal strategy including IP strategy development
  • Coordination with legal and technical subject matter experts as required

Under the general counsel model Smolinski Rosario acts as the initial point of contact for all legal matters for our clients.

There are also times when hourly billing makes the most sense; in such cases we prefer to provide billing milestones to our clients so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises.