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What’s the difference between a patent, trademark, and copyright?

It can be hard for new and growing businesses to understand what intellectual property is and to know whether securing intellectual property assets makes business sense for them. This post highlights some of the key differences between three of the most well-known types of IP. The primary types of IP protection that businesses may be interested in are generally patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Each type of IP offers a certain type of protection, but the costs [...]

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Emerging Leaders

Attorney Nelson Rosario has been selected to be a part of the Emerging Leader Class of 2021 for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. "Emerging Leaders are chosen from corporate, non-profit and government sectors to create a class of about 20 participants. Ideal Emerging Leader candidates are highly accomplished in their careers and expected to rise to the top of their fields in the next five to ten years. Between the ages of 30 to [...]

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Blockchain Patent Filing Trends

Like them or not, patents are an indicator of interest in a technology. While concepts like “adoption” and “engagement” are often discussed as a means of gauging popularity, patent filings have a little more currency as an indicator of the perception of the technical merits of any new development. A reason for patents’ legitimacy as an indicator for interest is that they are expensive. A single patent filing will cost anywhere from the low thousands [...]

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IP in Business – Part 4: Trademarks

Trademark protection applies to any “word, name, symbol, or device” used in commerce. The use is right there in the name: it’s a mark used in trade. Generally, trademarks to indicate the source of a good or service. Trademarks can be used without registering them, but marks that are important for a business should be researched and registered. Trademark research consists of searching for previous usage of the mark in commerce. Because trademark registration can [...]

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