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Blockchain Patent Filing Trends

Like them or not, patents are an indicator of interest in a technology. While concepts like “adoption” and “engagement” are often discussed as a means of gauging popularity, patent filings have a little more currency as an indicator of the perception of the technical merits of any new development. A reason for patents’ legitimacy as an indicator for interest is that they are expensive. A single patent filing will cost anywhere from the low thousands [...]

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IP in Business – Part 4: Trademarks

Trademark protection applies to any “word, name, symbol, or device” used in commerce. The use is right there in the name: it’s a mark used in trade. Generally, trademarks to indicate the source of a good or service. Trademarks can be used without registering them, but marks that are important for a business should be researched and registered. Trademark research consists of searching for previous usage of the mark in commerce. Because trademark registration can [...]

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